A Look at Reasons Why Google Favors Responsive Web Design

web designFor any organization involved in online business it is important to take note of what Google says since most of web traffic comes to any site through Google only. In this context, it is worth mentioning here that Google has clearly mentioned that it is in favor of responsive design in comparison to other mobile site designs.

Thus if you want to gain better visibility in search engine then it will be imperative to develop a responsive website.

Let us look at a passage from Webmaster Central Blog of Google where it has been clearly stated that Google recommends sites to have responsive web design.

Need for Responsive Sites

On Google Developers site the search engine giant has provided details of the reasons it considers responsive sites to be a better option. In this section let us go through the points which have been mentioned in that post.

  1. It assists users in sharing and linking to any content present on a website through only a single URL.
  2. Makes it easier for search engines algorithms to properly assign all the indexing properties for any site. Due to such facility Google does not have to keep track of all the desktop as well as mobile pages.
  3. Reduces engineering time required to maintain multiple copies of pages with same content.
  4. Decrease probability of common mistakes which generally affect mobile sites.
  5. Responsive web design does not require redirections to provide optimized viewing based on device a visitor is using.

This in turn helps in reducing the load time for pages. Apart from that user agent dependent redirection is prone to errors and can easily deteriorate user experience.

  1. Resources are saved while Googlebot crawls a site. If a site has responsive design then only one Googlebot will be crawling the pages on your site.

The benefit is that the site will not be indexed by separate Googlebots to retrieve different versions of your website.

This type of improvement in crawling efficiency helps the search engine in indexing more content as well as crawl the site more frequently.  

Benefits of Responsive Design

In addition to being recommended by Google, responsive design is a lot better alternative for your business due to many different reasons. So, what those reasons are? Let us find them out.

Better Management: It is a lot easier to manage one site rather than maintaining multiple sites. Additionally you do not have to bother about separate search engine optimization for mobile as well as desktop sites.

Cost is also less since only one copy of content is to be produced and design changes are to be implemented on a single site.

Future Compatibility: The resolution for mobile devices continues to change and mobile sites do not have the functionality to adjust to such changes. The benefit of responsive sites is that these websites can easily adjust to any new screen resolution.

Conversion Tracking: It can become difficult to monitor conversions as well as other performance metrics in case there are multiple versions of a site are to be tracked. It becomes a lot easier to track various statistics if there is a single responsive website to be monitored.

Mobile Friendly Update

On 21st April Google released their latest update which has been named as mobile friendly update. According to it, if a website is not compatible with mobile phones then its ranking in mobile search results will get affected.

Consequently, it is now imperative that you also take necessary steps to create a responsive site and preserve your ranking in search results. 

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