Budget-conscious Audio Enthusiasts and their Best Headphones under 50 Dollars

In our opinion, you can buy excellent quality headphones for less than $50 today.It is true that good sounding headphones usually come with a high price. But, times are changing this. It has never been that affordable to buy a decent pair of headphones as it is now and the competitive environment of the market is to thank for this. Even the cheapest of sets have the ability to produce decent sound and this is a big advantage that we face these days. When trying to find the best headphones under $50, it is essential to consider the sound quality as the most significant component. Most people wish for sound associated with good balance. The bass and treble should not be too overbearing. Finding the best headphones under 50 is not easy but there are many resources that can provide great assistance.

Monoprice 8323 vs the Panasonic RPHJE355 Headphones

A majority of budget-conscious audio enthusiasts will have a list of their favorite sets. One of the most common picks is the Monoprice 8323. This model does not look attractive at all but it has a solid structure and feels very sturdy. More importantly however, it is associated with fantastic sound quality. This actually seems too good to be true if the affordable price is taken into consideration. Similarly, the Panasonic RPHJE355 is the affordable in-ear style. This is even cheaper costing that the Monoprice 8323. The sound is very clear and has impressive balance. These in-ear headphones are very solidly built too. These two sets prove that there is a possibility of finding a bargain in the world after all. 

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