Get to Know the Bamboo Flooring

There are so many different kinds of new floorings. For example, the oak flooring, the timber flooring. But now, the bamboo flooring is more popular than any other floorings. Because it has so many advantages and less disadvantages. For example, you will feel comfortable when you touch the soft flooring. The color of it also attract people’s eyes. On the other hand, it is made of the real wood. So it is healthy than any other artificial floorings. I will show you details about it.

The solid bamboo flooring is a new material to be used in the building. It is made of the real bamboos. After more than twenty processes. The worker put it into the fire to remove pulp. At last, we should paint it to make its color. In fact, it appeared in 1980s. Its technology has grown from the 1998. The production was only 30 thousands square meters. The production has reached to 3000 thousands in 2003. It is more popular now in the modern buildings. There must a bright future for the sort of the flooring.

The best feature is steady. It can prevent the cold in winter and keep cold in summer. So it is suitable using in the rest room, the different color is smaller than any other floors. There are two sorts of the bamboo floors. One is the natural color, it has the smaller difference. It has the full color with the paint on it. You can see the texture clearly. Another is the floor worded by the worker. The worker painted it with different colors. But you can’t see the texture.

The bamboo floors can be used for a long time. We should make sure the correct using and protection. We should pay attention to the humidity. The bamboo will influenced with the change of the weather. We should control the humidity in our room in winter. On the other hand, we should keep dry in summer. We may clean the floor with the water before cleaning it. In a word, the floor will try its best to serve you if you use it in a proper way. If you want to learn more about the flooring, please visit us at

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