Is Urban Farming Good Or Bad?

Most of people believe that organic produce is way better for us than mass produced and processed corporate plantation foods, but that seriously isn't always the case. Just because you check out a farmers market to buy fruits and vegetables does not mean how the individual growing such knows what these are doing. "Organic Produce" can be a serious term with its definition, and someone growing produce in their backyard most likely doesn't be entitled to that label even if they are doing mostly every little thing correctly.

The other time, I was have a discussion concerning this with a leading specialist on Urban Farming and he indicated the value of safe food supplies as well as the future potential of mass producing agriculture in the city itself or very all around it. By visiting will become more familiar with organic gardening and its benefits.

Indeed, I enquired him; why do you hold this view? Is it considering that the costs of transportation? I mean there are numerous abundant places on Earth to build food. You see, we have now very fertile areas in specific regions in which the crops grow magnificently, and we have now a great transportation and distribution system too.

He further suggest that in some instances folks should grow his or her food supply so it will be safe, thus, his target Urban Farming. 

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