Most Wanted – A Natural Childbirth

There are different ways for child birth. A natural childbirth is considered as the most comfortable and safe procedure. This procedure is carried out at home with a help of a midwife. You must choose a reliable and experienced midwife for your child birth. This type of childbirth is done without the aid of medication or surgery. Though it may be regarded by many as a radical concept, yet it comes with many pluses. Learn more about home water births los angeles by watching videos online.

Advantages Of Natural Childbirth:

-During a natural childbirth, the mother is not given any drugs to dull the pain. Since she is completely aware of the birthing process, she has a more fulfilling and beautiful experience. 

-She is more in control of her body. 

-Any drug that the mother takes reaches the baby as well. A natural birth is healthiest for the baby as he arrives in a non-drugged state. 

-There is instant bonding between the mother and the baby as both are conscious and breast feeding can start immediately.

 -Natural childbirth is better psychologically for the family as well. They do not have to wait for the mother to regain alertness and can join the mother and baby soon after birth.

New age or radical birthing options include water birth and hypnosis childbirth. The water birth option is when the woman gives birth to the baby while she is seated in a warm water tub. The hypnosis childbirth method is when the woman is hypnotized into a state of complete mind control while giving birth. 

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