My life as twins

I was born lucky enough to be twins. I and Kate were born a minute away and our parents never stop saying how lucky they are to have the twins, which means us. I didn`t really remember what happened to us while we were a baby, but when we started schooling in primary school, now I know how it feels to be twins.

Our mom is so coordinated

She dressed us in identical dress, bought the same pants, same shoes and everything. People said our face is so similar so a stranger won`t be able to tell who is Kate, who is me Kim. I remember at the first school day, friends at school were looking at us like saw a ghost. They were shocked to see two of us walked into the class, hand in hand with same outfit. From their look I could tell that they saw us weird. Since that day I begged mom to buy me different clothes from Kate, so people can identify us.

Twin sister sometimes a bad idea

People said twins children tend to have same personality, but the fact is so different. We both are different from almost every aspect, like how we dress, how we tied our hair, everything. We have different taste too. I remember once mom and dad took us to shop together. The agenda was to buy new TV. In my opinion, the 32 inch TV (ror more information about 32 inch TVs, go to is already enough for our room. I even personally thought it was too big for our bedroom, but Kate wanted the bigger screen! She cried over a 60 led TV. That is too big for our bedroom. I thought she wanted to turn our bedroom into cinema screen. At the end I won with my 32 inch TV selection and she wasn`t talking to anyone that night. I tell you, it is not really good to have twins’ sister. 

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