Oral Hygiene: An Underrated Form of Prenatal Care

Pregnancy can be quite daunting for the majority of women. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that 52% of women with a history of anxiety show significant increase in anxiety during pregnancy. While the source of anxiety continues to be an unshrouded topic of debate, the existence of such debate only reinforces the fact that, thanks to the lightning-speed dissemination of information on the internet, more women are looking at prenatal options to ease their anxiety.

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During being pregnant, hormonal fluctuations can cause a rise in blood flow for the gum tissue, thus doing the gums more very sensitive, irritable and susceptible to be able to inflammation and swelling. This is the common periodontal occurrence that always intensifies during the second trimester referred to as the Pregnancy Gingivitis. This can lead to periodontal diseases which may start an avenue of contamination with the mother's bloodstream where current bacteria build-up that naturally forms from the mouth may pass by way of, hence being carried down into the amniotic fluid and to the unborn child. 

In excess of several studies have been conducted to look at the possible effects involving periodontal diseases carried through the mother to the unborn child. Studies show that there exists a link between periodontal diseases and babies who are born prematurely, born with low birth weight, or are delivered with complications on account of certain infections.It has been said that mothers with periodontal diseases are seven times prone to give birth to infants with such complications. Their study reveals 46 different species of bacteria, two of which are types that always originate from the oral cavity. 

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