Pop A Pimple Without Leaving Any Marks

The advantage of popping a pimple is the speed with which the results can be seen. Long term strategies for dealing with acne are invaluable, and maintaining strict hygiene is essential, but sometimes we need an instant result to avoid a ruined evening.

On these occasions the essential equipment to have is a pimple popper. Choose one that is of good quality, keep it clean, sterilise it before each use, and it will prove itself a life saver time and again.

Using a pimple popper is largely common sense, but here are some tips to help ensure you get it right.

Start with freshly washed hands and face. Better still, use an antiseptic wipe after washing, or apply some other form of antiseptic. Spreading bacteria around will risk making your pimples worse.

Sterilise your pimple popper either by boiling it or by applying hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Never use an unsterilised pimple popper as it risks introducing bacteria into your skin.

Use the pimple popper to pop the pimple, but do so gently. Traumatised skin heals less slowly and is more prone to inflammation and scarring.

Apply gentle pressure to ensure all the pus is extracted from the pimple, and wipe it away with an antiseptic wipe or clean cotton wool soaked in antiseptic.

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