Protection Against Cell Phone Radiation

There was a time when it was believed that mobile phone radiation, and in fact electromagnetic radiation in general, was harmless. But as with the adoption of any new technology, it is only with long term, widespread use that an accurate assessment can be made and the true picture emerge. So it is now becoming clear that electromagnetic radiation is more harmful than we thought, and that mobile phone radiation in particular can cause verifiable and significant damage to our health.

The most patent of these is its impact on the reproductive system. Mobile phone radiation is known to cause infertility, and strongly suspected of causing birth defects. Both of these arise from the effects mobile phones have on sperm. Sperm are sensitive to environmental changes, and by keeping a mobile phone in close proximity to the testicles, the microwave radiation the phone produces affects the sperm's environment in a number of ways.

Firstly, microwave radiation raises the temperature of body tissues. In the case of the extremely heat-sensitive testes, this rise can be enough in itself to lower sperm production and therefore sperm counts, with a negative effect on fertility.

Secondly, microwave radiation has a more subtle but nonetheless significant effect on the chemistry  and cellular activity of the testes, which results in them producing less mobile and less viable sperm. The effects of mobile phones on sperm viability is important, because sperm with poor viability make it difficult to concieve.  Related to this is the fact that irradiated sperm have a greater incidence of DNA mutations, which can lead to birth defects.

Although the mechanism by which radiation reduces the sperm's mobility is not yet fully understood, the effect is profound, and can lead to a significant drop in fertility.

The only way to protect the testes against this damage is either to keep your mobile phone away from your genital region, or else to use anti-radiation case to shield your genitals from the microwaves the phone emits.

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