Three Influenced Aspects By Backlight Technology

Fierce Competition

Fierce competition of LCD vs LED seems to be unavoidable since almost all electronic shops are filled with these two kinds of TV. Both TVs are basically a TV with a flat screen which is also accompanied with slim frame. At the first look, both TVs may look the same since the differences are not locates on the outer look of the TV whereas it is located in the interior part of the TV. In general, the difference is located on the backlight technology. LED TV uses a light-emitting diodes (LED) and LCD TV uses CCFL. Now this difference in backlight will make a certain 32 inch lcd TV different with another 32 inch TV.

The Difference

As what has been mentioned before, the difference is located in the type of technology of the backlight. There are actually three aspects that are affected by the type of backlight of technology. Those three aspects are the heat emission, display quality, and also energy efficiency. The first aspect is heat emission where it basically measures the amount heat which is emitted when the TV is used. A good TV has a small heat emission where plasma TV has proven itself as a kind of TV that yields a smaller amount of heat emission comparing to its competitor. Another aspect is the energy efficiency. We surely want to dispense any type or brand of TVs which consumes more energy or in other words has a poor energy efficiency. Why? Because it will bloat our electricity bill and things will get worse if we use many TVs in our house continuously where all the TVs have a poor energy efficiency. Again, LED TV has proven with its LED backlight has a better energy efficiency comparing to its competitor. The last aspect is the display quality where it is undoubted that LED TV has a better display quality.

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